As part of purchasing our jewellery it is very important that you care for your items. As majority of our pieces are Stainless Steel & Brass unless stated otherwise, we provide all items with a polish cloth to keep that extra shine to your jewellery.


Although your jewellery will last you a for a very long period, we strongly advised you stick to the guidelines below. (Please note this will keep your jewellery to its original colour and shine.


  • Add jewellery last when dressing

  • Store carefully to avoid tangling and scratching

  • Handle with care and patience

  • Always clean with polish cloth provided



  • Wear when bathing

  • Wear in bed

  • Wear when exercising

  • Wear when doing housework, D.I.Y., Gardening etc

  • Allow direct contact with perfume, hairspray, body lotions, foundations etc.